“Well, Isn’t That…Special?” A CNN Town Hall Mired in Ridiculousness

Image from: WSJ

Like most remotely sane and intelligent thinking people, I opted for sleep last night instead of the inane farce that was the CNN Town Hall. I’ve been reading about the inevitable fiasco (was there ever any doubt that it would be anything BUT that?) this morning and the general consensus seems to be: CNN fucked up. Like, royally fucked up and destroyed itself in the process. Way to go, CNN. I can’t help but wonder what Ted Turner is thinking, alone out there on his ranch, still pining away for Jane Fonda.

In a way, this is not unlike the “60 Minutes” interview with MTG.

Yet again, what was once a venerable news source has now become a tarnished version of its former self. How very sad and how very disappointing for the citizens of this country. They are “sell outs.”

Greed. Profit. Money.

Was anything that was said last evening a surprise to anyone who has actually been paying attention? Sadly, no. It was all TOO predictable.

The wonderful poet Jim Carroll once wrote this line: “A snake on fire devouring what, tomorrow, it will itself become.” How very true.


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