Trying to Find my Balance…

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We’re barely into the second week of 2024 and I’m already learning just how very difficult those “best intention resolutions” can be to maintain.

More exercise? Today, the weather forecast is for rain, rain and more rain.

Every hour, on the hour. Never mind that, temperature wise, it’s about 50 degrees and would be nice for a walk but, ugh, the rain! Is it just me or does anyone else find it a struggle to be motivated beyond doing anything other than curling up with a good book on days such as this? It’s really hard.

Better eating? Well, after the carbohydrate and sugar overload of the holidays, combined with my birthday of last week, that’s been rather an issue, too. Birthday cupcakes, for example, chocolate cherry! Yum!!

I know that with patience, and perhaps more importantly, consistency, that I can endeavor to do these things (among the others) but right now, I just REALLY want to go back to bed, because being in bed seems like the perfect place to be when it’s raining non-stop all day long, to me.

I’m reminded of a favorite Beatles song, now, and the memory of me singing it horribly out of tune with my beloved Sony Walkman player and headphones on while varnishing a bedroom dresser outside, years ago.

The things we remember at times! Enjoy!! :)

The Beatles — Rain (



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