The Doomsday Clock — Nah, Let’s Go with the Pretty in Pink Kitty Cat Clock

Image: Urban Outfitters

Look, she’s cute! She has eyelashes AND Pearls! Come on, absolutely nothing so horrendous as nuclear war could happen with this, right?!!

Umm — right? I mean — like, RIGHT???

So, this was somehow in my news feed earlier today:

Map reveals best places to live in the US if nuclear war breaks out (

This is a thing — or maybe because it’s Groundhog Day here in the U.S.?

But for real? Because nothing says “Hey, I really feel safe and secure in my country of origin just thinking about where the best places are to purchase a home for dwelling in the event of, oh, I don’t know…a nuclear war?”

Like — how very kind and thoughtful these real estate agents are for taking the time to put this helpful map together for all of us, “just in case” …

As it turns out, according to the article, the best places are rural, and not densely populated — wow, who would have thought?!! After a cursory search, it seems to be that articles like this circulate every few years.

If this all sounds slightly surreal, that’s because it is — maybe —

Here’s a better suggestion: just don’t live in the U.S. — move abroad — not that nuclear war can’t happen anywhere, but I’m just saying…don’t let the doomsday clock scare you, just remember to, as Bob Dylan once sang:

“Don’t follow leaders, watch the parking meters”

Bob Dylan — Subterranean Homesick Blues (Official HD Video) (



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