My Birthday is Tomorrow — aka “The Day of Epiphany” — Hmm — Okay


What is the Epiphany? Here’s a quick guide | PBS NewsHour

I actually didn’t know this about my birthday of January 6th; or if I did once know, I had forgotten and my dear lovely friend Paige reminded me of this a few years ago. I must admit that for someone such as myself who has never been fond of having a January birthday, learning about this has helped me to reassess (and once again, knowing that my beloved David Bowie is a Capricorn as well, January 8th, helps a lot with this, too).

I like the idea of festivals and pagentry even though I myself am not religious but rather spiritual. I like the idea of celebrations and parties.

Why ever not???

But it’s more than that, too. For me, it’s about literally experiencing a series of epiphanies as of late in my own personal life — my connections with others, my longings and desires, and perhaps most of all, the monumental change of moving abroad to another country, the UK, later this year. And just like with that move, with my birthday as well, people are already asking me, “What are your plans?” “Are you excited?” and “Are you doing anything fun?” I think that for most of us at mid-life, we can agree that birthdays are very different than they were when we were younger.



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