Losing an Air Pod, Losing a Friend

Image: clipart-library.com

Things have been happening in my life lately — things that aren’t always so good. This is, I suppose, part and parcel of the process with moving abroad to another country and yet — it can still so very much hurt me at times.

This most recent event happened almost a week ago now, while I was out walking and attempting to get in my 10,000 steps that day. For some strange reason that I’ve never been able to quite figure out, I have one Air pod which doesn’t fully seem to fit in my ear (the wireless kind). It’s not unusual for it to just sometimes randomly fall out and most of the time I have been able to then scoop it back up, but, not this particular day, unfortunately.

So, this is someone that I dated briefly years ago, and for various reasons, it didn’t work out, but we were able to remain good friends and kept in touch.

In fact, he was here with me last year, close to to this time, to help me recover from much needed sinus surgery (he had also had the same type of surgery and knew what was involved and what I would likely need). His help, kindness and sweet disposition helped me immensely and I will always be so very grateful and thankful to him that he made time for me.

We have openly acknowledged to the other that we both wish that our “timing” had been different, and that we had met years ago, before…



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