Life is Exhausting…

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Does anyone else feel this way?!! It feels very surreal, strangely enough.

To be fair, parts of this recent exhaustion for me include just receiving my most recent Covid shot AND also continuing to taper my dosage of Klonopin. But still! It’s debilitating and I came across this article recently:

Highly Negative Views of American Politics in 2023 | Pew Research Center

Umm, yes? I mean, it IS exhausting — so much so, that myself, and friends of mine have said that they don’t really read the news so much these days.

But, I think it’s more than the political stuff, too. It’s the culture. It’s the day in and day out feeling of, to paraphrase from U2, “Running to stand still.”

Maybe part of it (for me) is that I didn’t have a vacation this past summer, as I normally would have, but that’s because I’m preparing to move out of the country. Which, I must say: THAT is also exhausting because right now, I’m basically confronting form after form via an immigration lawyer for this. Questions, documentation, etc. I understand this is to be expected, but at this point, I’m wondering when they’re going to ask for a drop of my blood, too…just to be sure…that I am, in fact, “who” I say that I am.

But then — factor into this equation everything else, too, and it’s a wonder that any of us get out of bed in the mornings, honestly. It’s “life”, yes, but it’s not a “good” kind of life. It’s a “toxic” way of life, within this cultural milieu. This is yet one reason why I feel that I can no longer BE in this country.

It’s going to happen, it IS happening and yet, it is painstakingly slow.

I’m so tired…

I’m So Tired (Remastered 2009) — YouTube



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