Kurt Cobain (Probably) Couldn’t Do This These Days (Which is Sad)

Image from: Pinterest

Back in the 90’s, I definitely had a “grunge girl” phase and definitely did my share of wearing the requisite flannel shirts. I’m thinking about all of this today because in reading about the continuing horrendous onslaught of the obliteration of LGBTQ Rights, I couldn’t help but think of dear, sweet Kurt.

He seemed to revel in confronting the status quo and he excelled at it.

And honestly too, he was such a beautiful man. He looked fabulous in a dress. He seemed to enjoy riling those very people up that would vociferously taunt him for wearing a dress (Axel Rose, perhaps?).

But now, these days, I shudder to think what might occur if he were still alive and with us. It’s quite frightening to think about, really. As a society, have we really fallen so far, so fast, in our lack of understanding for those who are deemed to be “different” and to go against societal norms?

The last time I checked, doing the above things was actually considered part of being an artist. What does it say about a culture that is NOT tolerant (and increasingly so) that the individuals that exist within it have absolutely no compunctions about enacting violence and/or severely curtailing “freedoms” for others? Especially others who are considered “different.”

“Variety is the spice of life” as they say. But in America, these days, not so much. We are losing something vital and essential. Freedom of artistic expression. Without art, in all its various permutations, we are lost.

We are certainly no longer a functioning and flourishing society.

We become automatons.

Which actually, with the advent of AI, seems to be an unstoppable force.

This is where we’re at as a society. It is shameful. It is horrific. It is sad.


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