“I could be a housewife… I guess I’ve vacuumed a couple of times” — Debbie Harry.

The Fabulous Debbie Harry

The above quote made me laugh out loud this morning :) I’m pretty sure that in the course of my life I have vacuumed more than a couple of times, and honestly, that was enough for me — and dusting too, let’s not forget that, also.

Debbie Harry has just always been irrevocably COOL. I can personally attest to this as years ago, I was fortunate enough to see the reformed “Blondie” and was amazed at how, back then (10 years ago) she absolutely ruled the stage by not only kicking off her shoes half way through the show and performing the remaining hour and a half barefoot, but also, how she oh so casually sauntered to the microphone in between songs to purr and coo: “It’s okay if you think I’m sexy because I damn well am sexy, baby” and I remember the crowd just erupting into applause as I am sure she no doubt knew that it would.

Today is Debbie Harry’s birthday — she’s an unbelievable 76. She looks amazing and I would hazard to say she’s probably had a bit of tweaking here and there (girl, most of us have experimented in this way) but still, I’ve always felt that a great part of her allure was not just the physical but the incredible and indelible confidence that she has always exuded; as in: megawatt confidence — a female version of the male “swagger” and it’s very important to remember that she was doing all of this long before say, Courtney Love.

In researching about Deborah Harry, I vaguely remembered her connections to the downtown NYC art scene and her Warhol/Studio 54 milieu. She worked as a waitress at Max’s Kansas City, and also was (is) an actress. The range of her career is amazing; just her Wikipedia entry alone is an epic read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debbie_Harry

I’m at a place in my life where remembering and reconnecting with strong independent women is very important to me — women who weren’t (and aren’t) “the norm” — women who create and curate their own lives that are not in thrall to men, but rather, perhaps a welcome addition, women who not only talk the talk, but also, most importantly, walk the walk, every single day.




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