Hello, it’s me…

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So — how is everyone? Surviving? Thriving? Maybe just both?

It was never my intention to go for SO long without making a posting here but rather just maybe “life happens” or some iteration of that perhaps?

As some of my long-time subscribers know, I am moving to the UK this year — actually, if all goes according to plan, it will be early summer, 2024.

I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed and beyond stressed — yes, even “good stress” is still “stress” — I’ve been having medical appointments/medical records transferred/addressing car situations, as I’ll be selling my car to a friend and it needed some repairs/letting various friends and people know my tentative departure date/donating and sometimes selling various items/immigration lawyer details which seem never ending/simultaneously preparing the house where I’ll be living, etc.

IT’S A LOT. May I just repeat: IT’S A LOT. IT’S A LOT.

There is inherent frustration in all of this. The inevitable delays. The time.

But, it is something that I have always dreamt of and so now, well, “here” it almost is. I’ll be honest: I have many different conflicting emotions about this — leaving dear friends that I love immensely, certain places that I remember fondly and bring back good memories as well other places that have a more bittersweet and…



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