E. Jean Carroll Prevails Which Helps ALL Women. Yay, E. Jean!

Image from: NYT

What a truly wonderful day for women, everywhere!

E. Jean Carroll says she’s ‘overwhelmed with joy’ for women in US after verdict in Trump case (msn.com)

In particular, I love this quote from E. Jean Carroll: “This is not about the money. This is about getting my name back, and that’s what we accomplished,” she said, adding that her lawyer had to tell her later what the jury had awarded.

Some may disagree with me, but I believe E. Jean Carroll. I always have.

There are things in life that ARE more important than money.

What Ms. Carroll did took tremendous bravery and courage, and by doing so, hopefully she has helped other women who have experienced something similar to not be afraid to speak out and have their voices heard. So many of us women have often felt fearful to say our truths out loud.

In a way, this really isn’t even about the Orange Buffoon but rather about helping to show women that yes, we matter, yes, our experiences and voices count, and yes, sometimes, truth and justice CAN and WILL prevail.



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