“Crack That Whip” — aka Some Older White Dude Has Proposed Work Requirements That Make Absolutely NO Sense Whatsoever


Honestly, how many are embarrassed to say that they are *gasp* an American these days? I know I am, and I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one, either. In the latest installment of “A Charles Dickens novel come to life” as I often refer to it, Kevin McCarthy proposed this ridiculous bit of legislation which would be strangely funny if it weren’t profoundly sad:

McCarthy proposes lifting the debt limit for one year : NPR

So, here we are, yet again, as a society, where *sigh* as usual *sigh* an entitled older white man *sigh* tries to feebly disguise his attempts at creating more hardship for the most vulnerable in society as a “negotiation” *sigh*. Isn’t this all SO very exhausting? I mean, really?

Where does it all end? DOES it end? I don’t think so. At all.

I certainly don’t advocate violence, but WHY are our citizens not taking to the streets over these endless attacks upon our individual rights as citizens?

I mean, look at what happened in France, when the retirement age was raised by two years? The streets of Paris burned for days over that (which I completely support, by the way). I think, as a society, most of us are just completely and utterly burnt out and who could blame us, really?

BUT, if I have to read about how yet again, one older white dude is desperately trying his best to make the US an even more inhospitable environment, well…as the saying goes: “Get the hell out of Dodge.”



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