“Because They Can”

Image: from Author

So, this has been happening off and on for a while, now, where I live.

This bland, corporate, slightly Orwellian in tone sign was placed on the windshield of my car over a month ago and I have been seething ever since.

Note the “Management” — like, WHO is the management? WHAT is the “name” of the so called “Management” — does it matter? Who cares?

It’s MANAGEMENT and that’s all one needs to know, right?!!

REALLY??? Well, let me be the first to say: FUCK RIGHT OFF.

“Hey! Management! Leave those kids alone!” (paraphrase Pink Floyd)

All of this concerns a parking lot which is apparently owned by some nameless faceless entity that has decided that since they own a slab of concrete that “they” can enforce rules and regulations on it, then.

This first occurred over a year ago, and for a while, most of us were able to park in the lot below — this includes not just the tenants of the house wherein I currently reside and have an apartment on the 3rd floor of this older historical home (built in 1903) — to the left in the picture, by the way, but also other apartment buildings on this street, many of whom often have difficulty finding parking spaces. I’m fortunate because there are also parking spaces for us here in the house out in back, designated as such.

But others have not been so lucky and so have had to scramble to secure safe and secure parking as best they can. And the result of all this trouble?

An empty and vacant parking lot — ALL FOR NOTHING.

Image: from Author

Now, one would tend to think that an enterprising person would realize the folly of this because ultimately, no one is any better for it, but as I’ve come to realize, this phrase “Because they can” sadly seemingly relates to so much in our world at large. Most questions concerning the government, for example, our surreal political situation, the inherent injustices heaped upon women, can all be answered quite simply BECAUSE THEY CAN.

Who is “they” — I suppose the 1% or the individuals who think they are entitled “just because” — I…


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