At this point, WHY would anyone choose to live in Florida?


I can understand if someone has family living in Florida but beyond that…what possible motivation is there for anyone remotely sane to live in this state? I truly don’t get this, at all. Like, FOR REAL. Truly. I’m perplexed.

And I know that I’m probably not making mention of anything that most people aren’t aware of anyway, but just take a gander at all of these absolutely horrendous bills detailing what can, at this point, only be thought of as “Draconian” “Dystopian” and “Demented” — by the way, has anyone noticed how Ron de “Satanist” ALWAYS has his mouth gawping open in pictures? It’s so disgusting and also strangely weird, too.


So, about those links, here they are, compiled, and I believe some of them have already been signed into legislation (such as the educational and transgender bills). It’s just insane that we’re even discussing this, isn’t it?

These are the key bills signed by Ron DeSantis this year | CNN Politics

So yeah, umm…what is there to say? This awful human with the disconcerting facial expressions seems to be on a mission to completely eradicate any and all rights for the citizens of his state. How very sad.

PS: Mr. Mickey Mouse has personally informed me that he detests you and would not lower himself to piss on you if you were on fire, “Governor De Satanist” — just sayin…don’t mess with the mouse, dude. You’ve been warned.


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