And this is how it begins…

When I was an undergrad at Oberlin, I took a class on the literature of the Holocaust. It was (and still is) both my least favorite class I ever took AND also the very favorite class that I ever took. Why? Because, each day after class, I would leave in tears at what I had been reading (works by Primo Levi, Charlotte Delbo and of course, Elie Wiesel). The literal degradation and death of innocent humans by OTHER humans showed the absolute worst about this concept or idea we, as a society, have of “Humanity” and what it means.

That was the least favorite part. The BEST part was reading the survivor’s accounts and realizing the truly inspirational aspect of the amazing spirit of human beings and what they can endure. Their resilience. Their determination. People CAN and DO survive all manner of things.

But earlier this morning, when I saw this headline, I was instantly transported back to that Holocaust literature class because it reminded me, in chilling detail, “how” everything began in what was to become Nazi Germany.

I’m not sure how many people know this, but at one time, the country of Germany was considered THE most enlightened in ALL of Europe.

Of course, with the hindsight of history behind us, this seems absolutely ludicrous, but, it’s sadly, all too true. At one time, even, Germany once had THE most books in Europe. According to Wikipedia, it was known as “Das Land der Dichter und Denker” (the country of poets and thinkers).

What then later HAPPENED to the “country of poets and thinkers” — and I would also add: artists/intellectuals/anyone considered “different” was the eventual imprisonment of ANYONE who “dared” to speak out about their concerns. AND THIS IS HOW IT BEGINS. Freedom of Speech eradicated.

Anyone who STILL believes “It can’t happen here” is beyond delusional.

Because, it already IS happening here. I’m scared beyond belief. As should we all be.


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