An Unguarded Moment


The Unguarded Moment (2002 Digital Remaster) — YouTube

an unguarded moment | meaning of an unguarded moment in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English | LDOCE (

I think maybe I’ve been having quite a few of these “unguarded moments” as of late. And it’s making me wonder if perhaps somehow, my unconscious is trying to make itself known to me in a more “conscious” type of way.

If that makes any sense, at all.

I am…conflicted…about many things…

And the thing is, just when I begin to feel that I have clarity on something, it all changes and I find myself thrust back into doubts and concerns.

Does anyone else experience this? I’m pretty sure I can’t be the only one.

So, what’s the solution? IS there a solution? Time and patience, maybe?

But, when it’s your life and the decisions you are making surrounding it, these feelings of uncertainty only feel exacerbated. Like a house on fire.

Will the answer(s) that I am seeking present themselves if I just stop trying to control the outcome? “Go with the flow” as people so often seem to say?

I don’t know…

And I very much wish that I did.


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