Most of which have not been heard of — because: they were women.

To this day, the work of Alice Guy-Blaché remains largely unknown, and yet, Blaché was not only the first female filmmaker (having complete control of her films) but also the first filmmaker to depict a story on…

From “Alice in Wonderland”

The above image is taken from the front of my car. My cute little Hyundai. It’s also, of course, a quote from the Lewis Carroll work “Alice in Wonderland.”

Back in 2018, I had the great good fortune to attend a one week seminar at Oxford University, Christ Church, UK…

“Narrative, she wrote…”

It’s not very much fun going to the grocery store since the pandemic, is it?

I mean, wearing a mask of course, but rather, now, it’s like I can’t even mildly flirt with someone (even if I wanted to do so) — the shy smile, downward glance…

Or, how a very pretty suede coat saved my life

I realized that I left out an important part of the previous post which could also be described as my very own personal dark night of the soul — even though it was still day light. Although come to think…

“So Shines A Good Deed in a Weary World”

So, Mr. Gatz, in response to my other post of a decade long friendship ending via text message sent me this most beautiful message this morning:

Reasons Why You’re My Friend:

  • You’re a nice person
  • You’re very intelligent
  • You have…

Don’t walk away in silence

Her name is Paige, or, as I often called her “P in P” as a reference to the Molly Ringwald movie “Pretty in Pink.” We met at work and became work friends, and then, through the years, managed the rather remarkable feat of seguing…

Watching older (and quite honestly) better made films can soothe the spirt

For those who take the time to read my posts (for which I am ever so grateful for, and “thank you” again) I have not exactly been hiding my struggles lately.

And, I think I do that for…

Apparently, I’m worth about $3,000

And even that might be an over-estimate, according to my former employer.

So — today was the day: mediation with my now former employer. It didn’t go well or rather perhaps I should say that when a financial offer was made, it wasn’t met. At…

An Ethereal Girl In A Material World

Former Ballet Dancer. Ex Goth Girl. Wanna be Writer.

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