So, I’ve been trying as much as possible to take daily walks and immerse myself in nature, which is where I have always felt most at “home”…

And, I’ve found myself going back in time, listening to music that I remember loving back in the day — which of course, now seems like but an *echo* of what that life once was, if that makes any kind of sense. I HOPE it makes sense because lately, it so often feels as if nothing really makes any sense at all.


So, earlier today I had a phone conference call with my employment attorney regarding an EEOC Complaint with my former employer. I really like my lawyer (if that’s not an oxymoron to say!) because she is, without a fault, unbelievably brutally honest with me. I very much appreciate that :)

I have learned more in this past year, then I ever imagined, much less hoped to learn about the “legal” aspects of not just the general field of “law” itself but also and perhaps most importantly, how little legal recourse there is for employees. It’s astonishing, really, because even though…

A true love story that ends in heartbreak (for me).

When I was a young girl, I remember reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

When I was a young girl, I remember reciting the Girl Scouts of America Pledge as a Brownie troupe member.

When I was a young girl, sitting around a campfire I remember singing “This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land” and believing every single word.

When I was a young girl, I remember being told by others who were supposedly wiser than me that: policemen were good and would protect me.

When I was…

“Career opportunity, the one that never knocks”…

So, this is the REAL United States. Afghanistan. This is how it all ends.

Someone very dear to me suggested my blog topic for today which concerns “Abandonment” — abandonment in this sense: Our so called “government” has abandoned its citizens in the midst of a global pandemic by cutting off unemployment and ending eviction moratoriums. Our so called “government” also abandoned US citizens and loyal allies in Afghanistan. Our so called “government” seems to know no bounds in its abandonment all over the world. …

This is Radio Clash

I love both this video (Boom boxes! Back in the day!) and also the song.

Here’s a sampling of the lyrics which, for me, really resonate right now:

Interrupting all programs

… This is radio clash from pirate satellite

… Orbiting your living room,
Cashing in the bill of rights

… This sound does not subscribe
To the international plan
In the psycho shadow of the white right hand
Then that see ghettology as an urban Vietnam
Giving deadly exhibitions of murder by napalm

… Forces have been looting
My humanity

… Hands of law…

Continuing on with my Clash themed week, I chose this song because it’s quite accurate. “You have the right to free speech, as long as you’re not dumb enough to actually try it.” Such a great line! As well as being SO very true.

There was (I believe? Maybe?) a time when dissension was not only permitted, but actually *gasp* encouraged. We can extend this back to the early Greeks and the emergence of “The Socratic Dialogue” and of course, we all know what happened to Socrates (the hemlock he willingly drank). …

This is going to be the week of The Clash for me, because it is very reflective of how I am feeling right now. Also, apart from being a goth back in the day, I was also a bit of a punk rocker too, and I’ve always adored The Clash, as well.

So, this year has but nothing but an emotional rollercoaster for me and I’ve never liked roller coasters but, here I am, on one, seemingly careening out of control and no one, it appears, is there, much less seems to care, to stop it.

Where to begin…

And for my best friend Cheryl who is a fan of the band (and Peter Murphy especially)there is this image as well *Once a goth, always a goth*

Review of Apple TV’s “Physical”

So, I’ve been eagerly and excitedly watching this show and it’s awesome! Set in the 1980’s (the pic above accurately depicts this) it’s about a very bitter woman with a special secret: she has quite a substantial eating disorder.

Did I mention that her character lives in California, land of the impossibly beautiful and perfect? This would certainly not seem to help matters at all. BUT through the magic and power of an aerobics class that Sheila attends one day something quite unusual and illuminating happens: she finds her voice.

She finds her power. She…

I binge watched this the other day because, having just returned from a truly wonderful beach vacation (with sunburn and bruises from the crashing waves) I’ve been feeling the need to rest and recuperate or, as one of my friends said earlier “You now need a vacation from the vacation itself.”

The character of “Linda” is described by her cousin “Fanny” as: “Nobody cried so often or so much as Linda, especially anything about animals would set her off. Her emotions were on no ordinary plain. She loved or she loathed. She laughed or she cried. She lived in a…

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